The heritage of French know-how, Aldabra bed linen is a lesson in timeless refinement. The delicacy of finish combined with the charm of its Oxford edge is the epitome of classicism in its purest form.


The Bwindi collection transports you to a relaxed, restful universe thanks to its discreet, elegant design. Providing a sense of going back to one’s beginnings, this bed linen features a unique understated style.


Danxia features a graphic, refined design. The subtle lines of embroidery lead the eye across the whole of the set of linen and reveal a design that emanates purity and lightness.


Delicate and precious, Darien is resplendent in the delicate finishes synonymous with fine embroidery. The twill design of your bed linen is the absolute essence of discretion and subtlety.


Let yourself be transported by the graphic lines of Fingal. Brimming with character thanks to a set of appliqué strips, this attractive, modern collection is suited to all your projects.


The combination of appliqué strips and ladder stitch gives this set a rare and precious aesthetic quality. The know-how and expertise of our sewers are showcased to perfection in this collection, resulting in sumptuous bed linen.


Classic through its Oxford edge yet contemporary through the various combinations possible in this two-tone design, the elegance of the Goreme collection is sublime. A muted or bold combination of exclusive shades, this collection teases with colours and finishes.

Koh Lipe

Boldly modern and colourful, the Kohlipe collection is suited to all manner of interiors. Combining muted or daring colours, this graphic set wonderfully adorns any bed type, be it in a parental or children’s bedroom.


Discreet yet classic, the Maui collection will blend beautifully into your interior, whilst offering you the luxury and comfort synonymous with the most refined hotels.


Subtly enhanced by two lines of embroidery, Naica envelopes us in the refined and elegant universe of Paris in the Belle Epoque.