Linen care guide

At Aigredoux, each piece is unique and deserves superior care. How to care for your precious household linen? Aigredoux offers its maintenance tips to ensure the quality of luxury linen and to make it last.



All Aigredoux collections are designed to be easy to maintain. However, there are some exceptions for fabrics made of silk, wool and cashmere.



In order to stabilize the colors of a new linen, Aigredoux recommends soaking it before its first wash:

- Sort laundry by color,

- Soak in cold water,

- Without detergent,

- For several hours.

The fibers will be tightened and the linens rinsed of any dye residues.





Depending on the composition of the linen, the washing cycle and the temperature must be adapted.

Depending on the level of soiling and the color, cotton sheets, bath towels or tablecloths are efficiently cleaned at high temperatures.

Conversely, other more delicate linens made of wool or silk should be washed at low temperatures with a slow spin to avoid any felting or deformation of the fibre.

Our golden rules for maintaining your household linen in the washing machine:



Aigredoux recommends drying in the open air. However, most fabrics are designed to be tumble dried. Here are precautions to keep in mind for successful drying.

guide d'entretien 

Open air


In machine





Need additional advice in maintaining your household linen? Contact Aigredoux.

Why choose a Giza 45 cotton for your household linen ?

Not all cottons are created equal. Aigredoux has the privilege of accessing Giza 45 cotton, one of the best cottons in the world, in the manufacturing of its high-end household linen.


Where does Giza 45 cotton come from ?

The precious Giza 45 cotton is an Egyptian cotton. It bears the name of the village where this variety of cotton originates.

It is grown on the banks of the Nile in a highly fertile zone, with its ideal climatic conditions that bestow the cotton’s reputation for excellence.

Its production compromises less than 0.5% of world cotton production, which is why it is so rare and exclusive. It ranks as the finest long-staple cotton in the world.


Characteristics of Giza 45 cotton


Natural qualities

Also known as the “Queen of Cotton”, this natural fiber has unparalleled thermal powers. Its insulating qualities offer breathability both during the summer and winter.



culture coton Giza 45Why is Giza 45 cotton reputed to be one of the strongest cottons in the world?

It offers :


Softness and shine

Aigredoux offers its customers the choice to use Giza 45 cotton for their linen orders, giving life to fabrics of exceptional quality and softness.

Giza 45 cotton’s long fibers have an indisputably soft and silky feel. The finer a textile fiber is, the softer it tends to be.

Its unique radiance is due to its incredible sophistication. Its unique fiber captures light more easily than traditional cottons, therefore its colors remain vibrant wash after wash.


Maintenance advice 

Coton Giza 45How to maintain the superior quality of Giza 45 cotton?

Looking to receive a sample of Giza 45 cotton material ? Contact Aigredoux.

Exclusive tailor-made services


As experts in the personalization of luxury household linens, Aigredoux implements its mastery and textile know-how at the service of our customers, from initial consultation to the completion of their projects.


Design & dimensions

Aigredoux revitalizes interior decoration by offering our customers a unique linen, adapted to their desires.  From neat, to classic, timeless or modern style, daring or full of character, to each their own style! Aigredoux offers an infinite number of possible designs and color possibilities adapted to the interior’s parameters.

services exclusifs sur mesure



In search of a room design makeover ?

Driven by creativity, the style team adapts to each need to ideate made-to-measure linens.


Need to coordinate bed linen and bath linen designs ?

Aigredoux has created transversal collections to match bed and bath linens in harmony.






Tissus et services exclusifsCloth

Aigredoux works with the finest materials. The establishment provides its customers with a range of over 150 fabrics from the highest quality weavers and spinners.






In need of advice choosing colours ? The style team has mastered the art of combining fabric texture, patterns and colours to create exceptional linens.

Aigredoux offers its customers a wide range of colours, each carefully selected :






With Aigredoux, every detail is nurtured meticulously. Many of our finishes are still done by hand. Each customer benefits from the expertise of our seamstresses who skillfully sublimate household linen by adding the final touch: bias, applied bands, ladder opening, flat frill, bourdon, piping, personalized embroidery….

In need of personalized advice for a tailor-made project ? Contact Aigredoux.

How to choose your table cloth ?

Aigredoux designers and manufactures its table linens by hand at its artisanal ateliers in Vendée, France. Tablecloths, napkins and table runners are made to order, in the purest French textile tradition.


Table linens 100% personalized

With each ambiance its style…

At Aigredoux, each pattern is conceptualized, each fabric and color are meticulously chosen, and each finishing is envisioned with exceptional attention to our customers’ expectations.

Our inspiring collections :

Aigredoux’s promise : create unique experiences through the means of a luxury table linen, made in France.


How to choose one’s tablecloth ?

Nappe hoggar




As the central element of a table, the tablecloth has a dual purpose. As both a guardian against stains, and revealer of the beauty of the table, it gives life to the decoration of a dining room, living space, or of the kitchen…

We highlight 2 criteria to account for when choosing a tablecloth: its use and its shape.




Its use

For each utility, its tablecloth.

Choosing a tablecloth involves taking into account functional and aesthetic criteria.

For example, we favor resistant and practical materials for kitchen or garden tablecloth maintenance. Conversely, we dare to use more sophisticated fabrics and delicate finishes for living room tablecloths.


Its shape

Whether round, square, oval or rectangular, the tablecloth must be large enough to cover the table and drape it harmoniously.

It is necessary to account for an average fallout of 30 cm.

Aigredoux adapts to the shape and dimensions of each table to create a made-to-measure tablecloth.


Creating an exceptional party table



A true masterpiece, the preparation of the Christmas table is in itself an art and part of pure French tradition. Aigredoux accompanies its customers in the design of friendly and festive table linen that will contribute to the guests’ culinary experience.

Let every taste do the talking:


A wide range of options are possible: from the ladder stitch, to the bumblebee, to the embroidery of initials for guest napkins. Contact the consulting team to find out more.

Choosing the right high-end bed linen according to the season


The quality of the bed linen plays a decisive role in your quality of sleep.


With noble materials, perfect cuts, top-of-the-line finishes, and artisanal tailoring: Aigredoux promises you a unique sleeping experience. Each bedding set is made to order in the purest French textile tradition; with exceptional materials selected for their long natural fibers, bringing soft and resistant quality.


Cotton sateen, cotton percale, linen ... Which material to choose according to the season? Follow the guide and treat yourself to an exceptional bedding set.


Spring / summer bed linens

It's the grand return of mild, even scorching nights...

We favor natural materials that let the skin breathe.


Cotton percale

Absorbent and silky to the touch, cotton percale is fresh and befittingly popular in the summer months. Its regular and firm weave lends a softer and more resistant fabric than traditional cotton and an incomparable cozy feeling.



Among the best fabrics to choose from in the summer is linen. Thermoregulatory and highly absorbent, it captures humidity and ensures good air circulation. Its breathability and freshness makes it an essential ally during the summer months.


Fall / winter bed linens

The rain, wind and the first frost announce winter and the desire to take refuge in a cozy bed...


Cotton sateen

Akin to cotton percale, cotton sateen designates a mode of weaving. Woven tighter and more finely, it is extremely soft and supple. Its satin finish delights lovers of comfort and elegance. It brings both warmth and comfort.




The colder months are the ideal time to accessorize your bed with the addition of a comforter, throw blanket ...


We tastefully blend cotton and wool for warm and peaceful nights.

Wool is a remarkable, healthy and breathable material with thermoregulatory properties. It protects against the cold without making you sweat. Its elasticity provides unparalleled softness and rebound.

Combined with the softness of cotton and its ventilation properties, this precious blend suits people looking for a high level of comfort.

Project ideas ? Entrust us with the creation of your bed linen.

How to choose your bed linens ?

The bed set is one of the centerpieces of decorating a bedroom. With it brings style, atmosphere and a stamp of personality to the room.

For each purpose, its own bed set…


Residential bed linens

How does one choose an alluring bed set for residential usages?

Aigredoux offers its expert advice in dressing luxury living spaces and villas.

Linge de lit Darien       paysage darien

Classic and elegant bedrooms

The AldabraGoreme and Halong linen sets adorn your space with timeless refinement, incorporating a touch of chic with their ruffles.

Bright and warm bedrooms

The Palaos and Koh Lipe collections illuminate master bedrooms as graciously as guest bedrooms with bold colors and impeccable finishing.

Parure de lit palaos      Fabrication parure de lit Palaos

Modern bedrooms

The Sokotra , Bwindi and Serengeti sets bring sober style and elegant design to tender a zen and relaxing atmosphere.

Childrens’ bedrooms

The Maui and Darien linens, with their delicate embroidery and discreet designs, blend seamlessly with their space. Aigredoux makes it a point of honor in selecting the purest cotton to guarantee a cocoon of softness for babies and toddlers.


Cabin bed linens

Parure cabine

How does one choose bed sets to dress yacht, boat and sailboat cabins?

With our textile expertise recognized for 3 generations, Aigredoux manufactures custom-fit linens according to the personalized decoration of your cabin spaces.

From the pillowcase, to the bolster, duvet cover, top sheet, and fitted sheet… Each item is designed according to the shape and dimensions of the cabin beds.

Imagine a unique and personalized linen :


Marine immersion guaranteed with :

linge cabine        Fingal

Our recommendations :

The story of a French textile heritage

Welcome to Aigredoux, specialist in the manufacturing of artisanal bed linens, table linens and bath linens on demand. All collections are made in France in its workshops in Vendée.


Our story

Behind the name Aigredoux reveals a family business specializing in textiles for 3 generations. It is with true passion and love that the company preserves and perpetuates French craftsmanship in the manufacturing of household linens.

Aigredoux began as a manufacturer serving high-end and luxury household linen brands. Little by little, Aigredoux began to develop its own products, finally launching its own distinguished brand in 2012.

Unique ‘savoir-faire’

Aigredoux owes its exceptional textile “savoir-faire” to its strong attachment to traditional manufacturing techniques.

savoir-faire français

Aigredoux has known how to span generations by combining traditional manual techniques with the modernity of its manufacturing tools.

Over time, the company has been able to adapt the sewing techniques of our grandmothers to mechanical machines coupled with precision manual finishes.

Every day, Aigredoux invests its energy into preserving this bridge between the past and the present.

This expert craftsmanship is repeated daily, and in doing so, knowledge is transmitted to future generations to maintain our rich French textile heritage.


The workshops

The textile manufacturing workshops are located in Vendée, a dynamic and historical stronghold of industrial textile tradition. The family business has always ensured each stage of the linen manufacturing process: from the choice of yarn, through the tailoring, embroidery, hand finishing, all the way to shipment.

Aigredoux is proud of its machinery, which contributes to the preservation of France's industrial heritage. The “old” machines are as eternally tested as the “up-to-date machine”. Others, such as “the embroidery machine”, are among the last to still be used in France.

It is thanks to the preservation of these trades that Aigredoux offers homemade items of incomparable quality that cannot be reproduced by contemporary manufacturing processes.


Aigredoux offers luxurious, unique and entirely made in France household linens. It is a simple and subtle commitment that the company makes with its customers, in offering one-of-a-kind products without any equivalent in the world.