Bed linen


Classic through its Oxford edge yet contemporary through the various combinations possible in this two-tone design, the elegance of the Goreme collection is sublime. A muted or bold combination of exclusive shades, this collection teases with colours and finishes.

The Fabrics


Choose your fabric

A wide range of carefully selected prestigious materials from the world’s major weaving houses.
Tissage 200 à 1000 fils / inch2
Tissage 300 à 1400 fils / inch2
180 gm au m2
300 à 500 fils / inch2
Cotton silk
Up to
threads / square inch

The Finishes


Select and personalise.

The fabrics, dimensions, colors and finish can be specified before production.

Satin stitch

Satin stitch is an embroidery stitch representing a straight line measuring 5mm wide and resulting in an embossed pattern. It can be discreet when it’s in matching tones or provide a subtle hint of colour.

Ladder hem

Ladder hem is a succession of spaces created in a fabric, obtained by pulling and removing certain threads. The final surface effect created is like a ladder alternating between embroidered strips and openings.


Oxford edge

It's an ornament on the case or duvet cover. The Oxford edge is excluded from the product size, it is an ‘added extra’ and does not include the trim.

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