Why choose a Giza 45 cotton for your household linen ?

23 December 2023

Not all cottons are created equal. Aigredoux has the privilege of accessing Giza 45 cotton, one of the best cottons in the world, in the manufacturing of its high-end household linen.


Where does Giza 45 cotton come from ?

The precious Giza 45 cotton is an Egyptian cotton. It bears the name of the village where this variety of cotton originates.

It is grown on the banks of the Nile in a highly fertile zone, with its ideal climatic conditions that bestow the cotton’s reputation for excellence.

Its production compromises less than 0.5% of world cotton production, which is why it is so rare and exclusive. It ranks as the finest long-staple cotton in the world.


Characteristics of Giza 45 cotton


Natural qualities

Also known as the “Queen of Cotton”, this natural fiber has unparalleled thermal powers. Its insulating qualities offer breathability both during the summer and winter.



culture coton Giza 45Why is Giza 45 cotton reputed to be one of the strongest cottons in the world?

It offers :

  • Remarkable wear resistance thanks to its fiber length and impeccable uniformity,
  • Much higher durability than traditional cotton,
  • Excellent resistance to tearing and friction,
  • Better dimensional stability.


Softness and shine

Aigredoux offers its customers the choice to use Giza 45 cotton for their linen orders, giving life to fabrics of exceptional quality and softness.

Giza 45 cotton’s long fibers have an indisputably soft and silky feel. The finer a textile fiber is, the softer it tends to be.

Its unique radiance is due to its incredible sophistication. Its unique fiber captures light more easily than traditional cottons, therefore its colors remain vibrant wash after wash.


Maintenance advice 

Coton Giza 45How to maintain the superior quality of Giza 45 cotton?

  • Machine wash,
  • Air dry to avoid wrinkling,
  • Avoid too long of exposure to the sun or light, as cotton yellows,
  • Iron at medium temperature.

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