Mix and Match Trend for Household Linens

10 April 2024


The "Mix and Match" trend is the art of mixing several types, colors, textures (the Mix) in a subtle and harmonious way (the Match). It is possible to play on this trend with the cross-sectional Aigredoux collections, to the delight of the daring !


The art of beautiful mixing

How does one bring a real personality to interior design ? Are you hesitating between several styles? Do not take bias with any style, and allow yourself to be guided by the Aigredoux team to imagine a beautiful mix and match set !



How to elevate a living room or bedroom? Play with different materials to create surprising mix and match textures.



Bring character to your table linen

- A tablecloth in pure cotton or polycotton for ease of maintenance.

- A table runner and 100% linen napkins.

A trio of materials that work for your bed linen

- A cotton percale bedding set for comfort

- Decorative cushions in satin for a touch of chic

- A cotton and wool bed end to warm the atmosphere.





Mix and match de couleurs

How to choose the right colours and blend them with taste ?


The colour can play the lead role in room decoration.

  • Implement a colour code and distill a common denominator.
  • Create a chromatic duo or trio.
  • Decline shades of colours.
  • Contrast plain models with more assertive touches of colour.






Patterns and finishes

Is your decoration too modest? How does one unite different styles of decoration? How can one create a skillful combination of patterns to ensure harmony?

When one pattern meets another... This gives rise to a mix and match with a thousand and one possibilities. Let your imagination run wild !

Mix and match motifs


- Create a rhythm to your decoration by highlighting a pattern and leaving hints of it across the room.

- Superimpose different patterns in similar shades so that they blend into the decor.

- Bet on accessories to bring a touch of chic: decorative cushions, throw blankets, bedspreads, laundry bags to the bed end.

- Place in a decorative detail from our collections (an Aldabra frill) by combining it with existing collections (a Sokotra duvet cover).



Want to challenge your interior decoration and create a tailor-made mix and match? Contact Aigredoux.

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