How to choose your table cloth ?

27 October 2023

Aigredoux designers and manufactures its table linens by hand at its artisanal ateliers in Vendée, France. Tablecloths, napkins and table runners are made to order, in the purest French textile tradition.


Table linens 100% personalized

With each ambiance its style…

At Aigredoux, each pattern is conceptualized, each fabric and color are meticulously chosen, and each finishing is envisioned with exceptional attention to our customers’ expectations.

Our inspiring collections :

  • The Tsingy line advocates elegance and balance, and nurtures precious and unforgettable moments in the dining room.
  • The Aldabra and Hoggar collections revisit iconic pieces that stand the test of time.

Aigredoux’s promise : create unique experiences through the means of a luxury table linen, made in France.


How to choose one’s tablecloth ?

Nappe hoggar




As the central element of a table, the tablecloth has a dual purpose. As both a guardian against stains, and revealer of the beauty of the table, it gives life to the decoration of a dining room, living space, or of the kitchen…

We highlight 2 criteria to account for when choosing a tablecloth: its use and its shape.




Its use

For each utility, its tablecloth.

Choosing a tablecloth involves taking into account functional and aesthetic criteria.

For example, we favor resistant and practical materials for kitchen or garden tablecloth maintenance. Conversely, we dare to use more sophisticated fabrics and delicate finishes for living room tablecloths.


Its shape

Whether round, square, oval or rectangular, the tablecloth must be large enough to cover the table and drape it harmoniously.

It is necessary to account for an average fallout of 30 cm.

Aigredoux adapts to the shape and dimensions of each table to create a made-to-measure tablecloth.


Creating an exceptional party table



A true masterpiece, the preparation of the Christmas table is in itself an art and part of pure French tradition. Aigredoux accompanies its customers in the design of friendly and festive table linen that will contribute to the guests’ culinary experience.

Let every taste do the talking:

  • traditional Christmas atmosphere
  • sobriety and elegance
  • natural themes or polar accents.


A wide range of options are possible: from the ladder stitch, to the bumblebee, to the embroidery of initials for guest napkins. Contact the consulting team to find out more.

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