Quality and durability of Aigredoux household linen

9 May 2024

In a constant quest to offer the highest quality linen, Aigredoux carefully selects prestigious yarns and fabrics from the greatest Italian weaving houses: a true guarantee of quality. Natural or synthetic, only the longest, finest and most homogenous fibers are chosen in the manufacturing of our household linen.


Natural fibers with multiple natural properties :

  • Cotton: resistant, flexible, insulating and with high absorbency.
  • Linen: strong, very absorbent, and excellent breathability.
  • Wool: thermo-regulating, resistant, hypoallergenic and self-cleaning.
  • Silk: light, shiny, resistant and highly elastic.
  • Precious blends of materials: wool & cotton, cotton & silk…


Innovative fabrics with technical qualities :

  • Cotton percale: from 200 to 1000 threads / inch2. More resistant and durable than traditional cotton due to its tighter weave.
  • Cotton sateen: from 300 to 1400 threads/inch2. Supple, silky and shiny.
  • Polycotton: Crease-resistant and quick-drying.
  • Special table linen/accessory cotton: up to 1400 threads/inch2 600 threads/inch2 and 285gr/m2. Resistant and easy to care for.
  • Terry cloth: 570 to 690 gr/m2. Very absorbent and UV resistant.


All fabrics are dyed in colorfast tints. We employ a high quality dyeing process, as the color reaches the heart of the yarn ensuring brilliant colors wash after wash.


A premium quality thread

Qualité et durabilité du fil


The quality of the thread is decisive in the rendering of the fabric and its result. In addition to the length and fineness of the thread, the density of thread per square centimeter and the method of weaving are evaluation criteria to be taken into account when judging the quality of a fabric.

Aigredoux uses a tighter weaving of fabrics with a high number of threads, thus offering fabrics that are:

- more supple,

- better held,

- highly durable.



Labeled fabrics

Aigredoux is committed to offering fabrics that treat its customers’ skin with utmost respect.

Our cotton is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, an international control standard which certifies that at each stage of processing, the fabric does not contain any chemical substance.

Our linen is labeled Masters of linen®, a seal of excellence promoting European production (France, Belgium and the Netherlands). This label guarantees a controlled origin and ecological protection from the cultivation to the transformation of the material.

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