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11 June 2024

Aigredoux is committed on a daily basis to preserve and promote excellent French textile know-how. Go behind the scenes of its Vendée workshops and discover its jobs …

Research & development and customer service

Each new collection is developed together with all Aigredoux employees. Everyone is involved in the new selection of materials, designs, colors, etc.

Sabine and her team takes good care of each demands of Aigredoux French and international customer. A bespoke project for a yacht, a luxury hotel or a private jet?

Sabine interacts with the customer to fully understand their requests, needs,  identify their constraints and support them in their choice of fabric, models, sizes, care, etc.

Cutting of the fabric :

Morgan is the one responsible for cutting the fabric. He creates the link between the validated order and the workshop. A first quality control takes place at the fabric cutting stage. During this step, it is with a precise gesture and a keen eye that Morgan unrolls the validated fabric and examines it carefully to ensure that it does not present any weaving defects. The cutting is done by hand, in the purest French textile tradition.

The production

Diep, the workshop manager then takes over.

During the assembly of the parts, she carries out a second quality control. Before obtaining its final appearance, the assembled product passes through several hands in the workshop who ,with dexterity and precision, carry out the final finishes and embroideries.

Ironing and shipping

Julie is responsible for the final preparation, she ensures with her team that the products meet the customer's expectations. Quality control down to the smallest detail: fabrics, cuts, colors, finishes.

Last final touch, Julie irons without leaving a crease and prepares it for the packaging as desired by the customer; individually, per room,…

ateliers Aigredoux

By controlling all links in the manufacturing and supply chain, the Aigredoux team is able to respond within very short deadlines to each unique project. “We’re all committed of making the most beautiful, sustainable and bespoke household linen for our customers. It is with passion that the Aigredoux teams take on this challenge every day. Sensitive to sustainable development, all textile waste are recycled and our fabric scraps have a second life as they’re donated and reused.”

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